Nest Thermostat

Have you head of this new way to save energy and money for your homes heating and cooling?

It’s called Nest and it is a thermostat that learns all about how you like your home temperature.  It is even able to be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer!

The Nest is connected to WiFi and will update itself for the best performance.

-It has activity sensors to track when someone is home and if no one is detected it is able to go into ‘away’ mode and not turn on.

-It will track your local weather via WiFi to best understand how you prefer your temperature.

-The leaf lets you know when you are being energy efficient.

You can install nest with ease.  They provide easy to follow instructions on their website.  It can replace any thermostat you have, unless it is considered a high-voltage thermostat currently.

It is controlled with the stainless steel outer ring turning to the left or right and the touch screen for ease.  The stainless steel ring will go with most home decor since it will reflect the wall color it is on.

Currently the Nest is selling for $249.00 per unit and if you need help installing the system it will be $119.99 for the first one and $25.00 for any additional units.  The nest can be bought on their website here.


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