Sputnik Light

There has been one light fixture that has always been on my mind.  It takes a unique client to use this chandelier, but it is one of my favorites.

Waldorf-Astoria-Chicago-lobby-reception-entranceIt was modeled after a brooch that Coco Chanel owned.  You can see it in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the Magnificent Mile neighborhood of Chicago.  The hotel recently changed names from the Elysian Hotel.  It was designed with Coco Chanel and Christian Dior in mind and based in the 1920’s.  There are a lot of classic black, white and gray tones with hints of color.


Back to the sputnik chandelier.  There are so many different styles designs models that this one category of chandelier come be.  It all depends on the designer.  Here are some that are available to the public.

Jonathon Adler SputnikAustrian SputnikCrystal Sputnik


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Natural Wallcoverings

It has been a while since I have last done a blog post. I am happy to get back into writing again after taking the last year to settle into a new city, new state, new home, and managing my own home remodel that my husband and I purchased last summer.

Through my years of interior design I have come across two types of people. Ones who love natural grass cloth wallcoverings and those who do not.

I am interested to see what your thought is on using grasscloth wallcovering?

I have most often used this wallcovering in master bedrooms.  It tends to add a softness that some people crave in their bedrooms.

woven raw jute with pearlized finish paper baking

woven raw jute with pearlized finish paper baking

There are different types of grass that can be used in this wallcovering. Sisal, Jute, Rattan, Banana Bark, and Abaca are just a few. There are also a variety of styles and colors can be used.  These are a few of the styles and colors I like to use for clients that are by Innovations.

00R_209 00R_210 00R_211 00R_213 00R_215 00R_224 00R_256 00R_257 00R_259 HAN-10 IN0109 IN0117 IN0123Please share any photo’s or experiences you may have with grasscloth wallcovering in your home.

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